The Bray - Did Not Return My Security Deposit

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The Bray Co. accepted my oral thirty days notice that I did not want to renew my lease (at the time I didn't even know that they owned the building). Chuck Wendt said that it was okay until I bought my house. I continued to pay them their rent on time and when I moved I returned the unit in excellent condition.

90 days later is when I found out that these people own the building. Now these no good ******* are keeping my 1740 dollars security deposit, and the Cleveland Housing Court Magistrate Witt is allowing them to get away with it. Please Do Not Rent!! from this company. Because of an automatic renewal agreement with the other property owner. Ohio Housing Laws only protect the property owner it does absolutely nothing for the consumer.

If we as consumers stick together maybe they will be out of business which would serve them right. I can't get justice in court hopefully I can warn other protential tenants.

The building roof leaks really bad when it rains and they won't do anything about it and neither will your renter's insurance. They have sewer roaches that are so big that their legs look like their on minature stilts, that they fail to tell you about in their advertising and that they let tenants in the other buildings park in your building. They also allowed the other tenants pets to pee in the elevators and in the front entrance hall and *** all over the lawn.

Also the elevators stop working every now and then and if they stop on the weekends good luck with getting them to come out and fixing them. I hope that you all read this before you rent with the Bray Company at 2621 North Moreland Blvd Cleveland, Ohio 44120. These people are a bunch of snakes Please warn you friends!!!

Thanks for listening if feels real good to vent.

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South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States #21036

I am going through a similar headache right now. They have not returned my deposit but claim that it is with their accounting department. I am going to sue them if I do not get it soon.

Prosperity, Pennsylvania, United States #18538

I had a similar experience with this Company - I moved out in February with the place in excellent condition - in fact my papers said 'Move In' condition - did not require paint or anything - had it professionally cleaned before I vacated.I owned a pet and we never told about the pet fee of $150 when I gave the old company $250 for a refundable pet deposit.

When I was told this I faxed Chuck Wendt my lease where it made no mention - all he had was the word of the old company stating that this was their unwritten policy . . . was going to sue - still possible - my money was stolen .

. . the owner is a young guy who bit off way more than he could chew - likes to own property but does not like to take care of them . .


will say that the new guy Rick in the office is pretty good and very experienced - Chuck was a school teacher before with a panache for bull.Please beware - consumers do not deserve to be treated as such!

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